@Article{Aslanov2012, author="Aslanov, V. S. and Ledkov, A. S.", title="Chaotic oscillations of spacecraft with an elastic radially oriented tether", journal="Cosmic Research", year="2012", volume="50", number="2", pages="188--198", abstract="A mechanical system consisting of a spacecraft with weightless elastic tether and load is considered in the paper. The spacecraft motion under the action of tensile force of a radially oriented tether is investigated. It is shown that elastic tether oscillations can result in appearance of chaotic modes of spacecraft motion. By means of the Melnikov method a condition is obtained, allowing one to determine the measure of damping sufficient for prevention of these chaotic modes. The influence of system's mass-geometric and elastic characteristics on the form of phase portrait and on the value of periodic disturbance, caused by oscillations of the elastic vertical tether, is studied.", issn="1608-3075", doi="10.1134/S0010952512020013", url="http://dx.doi.org/10.1134/S0010952512020013" }